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Front wheel bearings straight from the wheel bearing manufacturer!  Standard and custom wheel bearings including roller and heavy duty bearings are available in most Bond Casters. 

All Bond roller bearing wheels are equipped with high quality roller bearings with split outer raceways and hardened steel rollers held parallel to the axle by a steel retainer. 

End washers are pressed in the ends of the hub to hold the bearing in place.  A hardened and ground steel sleeve fits over the axle between the two sides of the caster fork; it is held rigid with a threaded axle bolt.  This provides a hardened precision inner race for the bearing and also greatly increases the strengths of the caster.

More than just a seller of wheel bearings and front wheel bearings, we are a wheel bearing manufacturer.   Located in Lancaster, PA we have been making custom wheel bearings, rollers and heavy duty casters and bearings since 1905.



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