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Caster wheels or wheel casters are the heart of our product line.   We provide industrial casters that are suitable for heavy duty use as well as we manufacturer custom and light use casters as well.  

A caster consists of a fastening mechanism with a mounting plate and grip ring stem, allowing for the mobility of the object you desire to move. 

Being that we are the manufacturer of the casters that we sell, we stand behind our product as we know it is the best on the market.  There are many uses for a caster and mounting options are chosen for the material and mounting location to the object plus weight of the object. They can be concealed or visible; so the finish is also chosen by the designer - brass, zinc plated, chrome plated, antiques etc.

Contact us at Bond Caster to find out more on how we can help you get the right caster wheels, industrial casters or any heavy duty caster that you need for your job.   We manufacture custom casters in Lancaster Pennsylvania and proudly serve the international community.


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