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Custom caster manufacturer Bond Caster proudly offers heavy duty, stainless steel and retractable casters and wheels, including spring loaded varieties.  

Although we are located in Lancaster, Pa, we serve the globe with our products.  If you are looking for a specific type of caster, or you have some questions about what type you may need for your specific application, contact us today!

Basically, casters contain one or two wheels.  The wheels are chosen for the weight capacity, environmental conditions, cost and flooring.   The materials that they are made of can be just about anything from wood, plastic or steel to ceramic and rubber.  The wheels can be ball shaped, crowed, flat, v-grooved, u-grooved, single flanged or double flanged.   There are many other options as well and we would love to speak with you to find the right product for your needs.

Contact Bond today if you are looking for a caster manufacturer that is capable of creating custom casters, or any other type of heavy duty, stainless steel, retractable or spring loaded caster wheels.


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