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Heavy duty caster, furniture caster, swivel caster- How do I know what I need?  Bond Caster is hear to help! 

Located in Lancaster Pa, we manufacture and make available to the world the finest in stainless, retractable, replacement and threaded casters, just to name a few.  

There are two main types of casters: Rigid and Swivel.   The rigid varieties are not able to turn. If a rigid caster is mounted, the object will move in one direction only. If the object is mounted with the swivel type, the swivel guides the direction with the rigid following. Swivel casters are made to change direction utilizing a raceway mechanism. The raceway most often has ball bearings that allow 360 degree movement of the wheel. Most often there are two raceways to allow for ease of turning and increased weight capacity.
We manufacture heavy duty casters as well as lighter casters in different materials for specific applications. For instance a ball wheel or small standard wheel furniture caster is primarily for all types of furniture. We also can supply swivel casters to be used in conjunction with any other stainless, retractable, replacement or threaded casters.  Contact us today for more information.


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