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Wheel dollies and other products directly from the wheel manufacturer!  

If you are looking for a custom wheel manufacturer for a challenging job, or you would like to be a distributor of Bond products, contact us today!  We provide medium and heavy duty wheels and parts suitable for all types of use.

Located in Lancaster Pennsylvania, we have been making custom wheels since 1905 and have maintained the same level of quality ever since.   We like a challenge and we are unique  in our ability to offer custom wheels to those that come to us.  Most manufacturers cannot do this.  What truly sets us apart is that we have our machine shop on site.   This allows us amazing flexibility and shorter lead time than the competition. 

Custom wheels, wheel dollies and casters are a lifestyle for us.  We are much more than a wheel manufacturer in that we take pride in our product, it carries our family name.  Contact us if you are in need of a custom wheel manufacturer, are interested in becoming a distributor or if you have any questions about our line of medium duty and heavy duty products.


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