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The year was 1905 and the man walking along a street in Manheim Pennsylvania was Charles Bond. The handsome Philadelphian, who twenty years earlier had immigrated from England, had founded and built the Charles Bond Company into the largest mill supply house in that city.
He had come to Manheim Pennsylvania, as he had gone elsewhere, to find a location where the products he wished to sell could be manufactured. He was convinced that Manheim was the ideal community for the purpose and that it could well support other manufacturing activities.
In that year was founded the Bond Foundry and Machine Company and in the year that followed, Charles Bond saw industries, that he was instrumental in founding, grow and prosper.
Today the products of Bond Caster put the nation's manufacturing, warehousing and retailing operations on wheels - or on casters, trucks, and dollies to be exact.
The Bond Caster plant covers some six acres and includes press room, machine shop and assembly departments as well as general sales offices. Its buildings, many built during the lifetime of Charles Bond reflect the soundness with which he approached any activity, for they are serving the customer's needs today!
Presently Bond Caster and Wheel Corporation is actively managed by the 4th generation Bond family. Our family and employees look forward to serving you just as we have done throughout the past century.

Louis J. Bond