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Bond produced this cart for a construction company to aid in transport of generators. The carts were used to move through construction sites keeping the installation process steadily moving. 

The carts were narrow and held over 3000 lbs of materials, had aluminum diamond plate reinforcement plus a very heavy plywood base.  Casters were heavy duty and low profile to keep the materials at an ideal height.

Or if you have to move something really special we can help you design the correct size and weight capacity

In 1944 Bond Casters moved the Liberty Bell

in Philadelphia, PA

Frames for equipment

Examples: pallet movers, scales, musical equipment, test equipment, etc.

Framing for most sized units. Simple or complex designs
Handles - permanent or removable
Bent rod, pipe or tube
Finishes - all or a portion
Plated, oxides, powder coated or painted
Casters - Swivel or rigid and swivel
Variety of low profile, extreme condition or standard casters available.
Brakes, floor or truck locks available
Brakes on the casters for light duty, Floor locks for medium duty and Truck locks for heavy duty carts



FOUR SWIVEL - Maneuverable in any direction. Ideal for confined areas or where equipment must be moved sideways. Difficult to steer in a straight line travel.


TWO SWIVEL TWO RIGID - Easily steered or pushed for straight line travel/ Trails well. Used on a variety of portable equipment.


FOUR RIGID- Diamond pattern, tilt type (usually the center wheels are larger diameter than the ends wheels). Good for light loads, straight travel. Economical.


TWO SWIVEL TWO RIGID - Diamond pattern, tilt type (usually the center wheels are larger diameter than the ends wheels). Highly maneuverable in tight areas. Turns in own length.


FOUR SWIVEL TWO RIGID - tilt of level type. Highly maneuverable; turns in own length. For heavy loads of long trucks.


THREE SWIVEL - Use where easy motion in any direction is desirable. Barrel dollies, wharehouse dollies, light machinery.


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