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Why choose a Kingpin-less  caster over the standard caster with a kingpin?

Kingpin-less casters were designed to prevent the wear and tear on a caster at the kingpin from the side to side or rocking action of a caster in use.  The primary beneficiary of the kingpin-less caster is where there are speeds above the human walk or over 4 miles per hour (MPH).  At this speed there is an increase in the stress on the kingpin; also reducing the weight capacity of this type caster.  When the kingpin wears it allows for greater side to side action until the raceway fails or the caster collapses.

In applications where the speed rate exceeds 4 MPH it is recommended to use kingpin-less casters above the weight capacity of the application.  It is best to consult the factory for applications where the speed exceeds towing rates.

Bond does provide Kingpin-less casters in a variety of materials and weight capacities  including stainless steel.


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