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Casters, Ball bearings, wheel bearings..Bond Caster of Manheim PA has been in the business of making heavy duty casters, custom wheels and roller bearings since 1905.  

We have sold products which stand up to application requirements and the test of time; many lasting through generations of use.  Our standard offering of casters, wheels, truck locks, and material handling products are how Bond supports your industrial needs;

heavy loads, material processing, flat, angle iron, or round tracks, high heat applications, towing, and manufacturing components.

Some of the products that we manufacture and supply to our clients include:

Truck Locks

As you search through our stock product offering you will find we are flexible to meet the specific needs of your applications. We respond to; for instance, emergency needs for drive wheels; antistatic wheels for packaging plants using plastic film, polyurethane wheels for higher weight yet floor protective needs in material transport carts, or custom truck locks for robotics.  We are also supported by our sister company Bond Machine and Fabrication for the unique specifications we can make to improve areas of concern or to fulfill your applications requirements.

Our company has been instrumental in helping many different industries grow and prosper with our line of products.  Our company is actively managed by the 4th generation Bond family and we look forward to helping serve you with your caster, ball bearing, or wheel bearing needs.  We take pride in every heavy duty caster, custom wheel and roller bearing that leaves our six acre plant as we plan to remain a leading caster manufacturer for many more generations to come.


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